The Read Leather Diary

Fourth Writing Assignment Option: The Red Leather Diary, by Lily Koppel
Directions—Read The Red Leather Diary, by Lily Koppel. Write an essay that relates your response to it in terms of how you found aspects of Florence Wolfson’s life and times familiar or very different from your own experience. The most important things that I look for when evaluating a report like this are: 1) evidence of having read through the whole book; and 2) understanding of the book’s key points and meaningful responses to them. In general, you should be able to convey to me that you read, understood, and considered what the author had to say about Florence Wolfson’s life.

Lily Koppel found Florence Wolfson’s diary compelling in part because she could relate to the experiences and reflections that Florence described, even though Koppel lived decades removed from the time when Florence was writing. Write an essay explaining what you recognized in Florence’s account of her life in the 1930s that you found familiar and what you found to be very different. How well does Koppel’s book demonstrate the value of learning about the past for living in the present?

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