The United States Economy and National Defcit

Introduction and Thesis: The required outline template is used. The introduction begins with an attention-getter that engages the specific audience named in the outline. The thesis is then stated. It is a complete sentence which previews the main points of the speech and reflects the topic and purpose of the presentation.
Organization and Format: The body of the outline conforms to the outline hierarchy found in the text. There are a minimum of three main points or Roman numerals in the body of the outline and at least two more levels of sub points (capital letters, then numbers). The content is detailed and specific, whether it uses complete sentences or phrases. It includes all important points of the speech.
Conclusion: The conclusion ties back to the introduction and thesis, reiterates the main points and closes with a compelling fact, statistic, quote or other memorable statement.
Visual Explanation: This section describes each visual within the PowerPoint, by slide number, and explains how the visuals aid the audience’s understanding. A minimum of two visuals is required. Clip art is not acceptable.
References: The outline contains a References section with a minimum of three credible sources formatted in full APA style.

PowerPoint: The presentation slides use a business-appropriate design template and follow the design principles for visual aids found in the text. Slides have full sentence headlines which summarize or synthesize the body content and tell a coherent story from start to finish. The headlines are not copied from the outline; this is a separate writing exercise. The body of the slides contain only short words or phrases, not paragraphs of text. The slides contain a minimum of two visuals. No clip art. The presentation supports the main points, enhances the speaker’s words, contains parallelism in writing and formatting, and uses easy-to-read fonts and business colors. The presentation reflects a correctness of expression and does not contain spelling, punctuation or other errors. The last slide is a correctly formatted References page.

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