The verb `to be’: existential.

The paper should have a 200-word abstract.

-Introduction. Say something about the verb ‘to be’ in general and then narrow your focus and say what you are going to be working on (the existential). If possible provide a thesis statement. Also give an outline/road map for the rest of the paper and if needed your methodology (e.g. use of a native speaker or a corpus).

-Short review of the relevant literature.

-The data:(e.g. that you found from a native speaker or from corpora) or reinterpreted (from a paper that was already published). -. Your account. This would minimally involve a tree for imperatives. Go through all the data of section 3 and show how your account/tree accounts for them and where some problems might be.

-Conclusion and References used in the text. Rephrase what you have found and say how this is relevant. If possible, indicate limitations and areas for future research. Things to keep in mind: -IRB: for research using human subjects

-Keep it narrow (and doable) without losing sight of the broader issues (why are you doing this). -Give lots of examples; if sentences, gloss them well!


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