Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle

I. Format
The review must be written in easy style and must follow the following format:
A. The first sentence of the first paragraph of the book review must read, “The main idea if the book was…” this sentence must followed by the rest of the paragraph which will explain the main idea. The main idea is different from the purpose. The main ideal is the thesis of the book. The thesis is the single overarching concept that holds the book together. The purpose of the book is much more straight forward. It might simply be the author’s purpose to inform the reader. Do not discuss the purpose of the book in the review. Point will be lost if this happens! There is a different between the main ideal and the purpose!
B. the body of the book review will consist of the proof of the main of the main idea. Find what are the three or four main points in the book that the author used to prove his or hers thesis? Once you decide what the main idea is it will be easy to spot a proof or example of how the author builds the case for the main idea or thesis.
C. the final paragraph is the critique of the book. Did you enjoy it or not? Explain your decision. Be constructive and fair in making your evaluation. Beware of generalizations back up general statements with specific examples from the book.
This easy must be coordinate into a well typed easy. Minimum 2 pages double spaced and letter quality. Use 12 fonts only. The review should not be less than or more than 2 full pages! At no time may quotes be used from the book! In your own words!

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