Untouchables Critique

The critique essay asks you to look at a source with a critical eye and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. The rough draft is not expected to be a final product. You can resist the temptation to perfect opening sentences or paragraphs. Below is a checklist to follow when you think you’re ready to write your rough draft. You are ready to write your rough draft when:

You have selected a specific source to critique.
You have developed sources to help you critique that source.
You have developed notes based upon the sources. These notes may include quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. Remember that you need to cite ideas in the body of your paper if you take them from someone else’s work.
You have developed an organizational strategy. Perhaps you’ve put your notes in order, you’ve developed an outline, or you’ve idea-mapped how the argument’s sequence should go. Basically, you’ve planned a structure for your essay.

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