Week 4 Reflection

Any business situation dealing with a product that is sold like Apple INC. Iphone. Objective is Develop the data collection instruments. Differentiate between sampling methods and their application in business research. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are used to measure several areas of a business’s needs. This can range from expanding an organization to sales growth. Qualitative research is typically used to investigate how and why things happen. It develops a deeper understanding using emotions to gather a consumer’s perception of a subject. Qualitative research is typically used in smaller group settings, studying whole variables using open-ended questions, observations, and interviews. Sales building techniques during qualitative research would allow the researcher to gather information, such as why a consumer would purchase an item on a shelf from a grocery store that is colorful compared to the same product on a plain shelf. Quantitative research methods on the other hand, are used to measure the precise details of data. This research method is emphasized on consumer behavior, attitudes, and opinions. Quantitative research is studied in larger group settings that study specific variables. Data is analyzed in a statistical relationship using numbers as the result. Quantitative research would best serve a business that would test sales growth. This can be done by comparing the average consumer in a grocery store that would use an online scan able coupon sent to consumers Smartphone, versus a coupon sent in the mailbox. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are both very good tools to use to measure a hypothesis, make predictions, or understand social interactions within a consumer circle. Research Design for boosting sales. When developing a design for a business to increase its sales the use of the two stage design can be the most useful design. This will allow the business to break down the design into a couple of steps. The first step being the stage in where there was a need to set out limited objectives. Examples would be to differentiate between online sales and brick and mortar sales, next would to break down these objectives in relation to regional versus national accounts. In the beginning stages it is important to break down the design into several questions. Some examples of these questions are if sales have declined when did the decline begin, has there been lost market share and who is gaining the market share of the business. By laying out these questions it now allows to put the design together into timelines and strategic areas of concentration. This then allows the researcher to get to the root of the cause of the sales decline, which in turn will help the company grow its business. This type of design can include both the use of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Using both methods allows companies to have fact based data and descriptive data to have a full understanding of why sales have declined. Then the company will be able to make the needed changes and improvements to boost sales.

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