What is your theoretical frame work as a social worker in the future?

Essay Question: Through your studies in human behavior course and other material in social work, explain what is the theoretical frame work that you may have.

This Essay Should Be Reflective And Critique Paper (write this paper in reflective way for example use more phrases of I, I prefer, on my perspective, Etc….¬Ě

About the chosen theories in general and how it’s related to social work and how it can be useful in practice.
(Culture Theory, Narrative Theory,  Solution Focused Theory, Strength passed Theory, Task Center Theory)

First paragraph in the body: about the challenges that face the social workers in choosing the theories for their frame work. Then, write about the challenges that I may face when applying these theories in my practice as a social worker in the future.

Second paragraph (here we start talking about each theory)
5 paragraphs (each theory in a separate paragraph)
1. Culture Theory
2. Narrative Theory
3. Solution Focused Theory
4. Strength passed Theory
5. Task Center Theory

In each theory write about the reason of choosing these theories and how the social worker applying them in his practice.
Write some critique about each theory and if I agree with them or not, and provide evidence if there is disagreement with any critique.

In this paragraph provide some skills and ethics of social work which help the social worker in applying these theories in the future. And link the above theories together.

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