Wife of Bath research

“Your group should consider why the themes examined in the text were especially relevant to that time, place and the socio-cultural moment in which the text was created; how the symbols in the text are revelatory of and appropriate to the time, place and the socio-cultural moment in which the text was created; and what affect the time, place and socio-cultural moment has on the plot (here, referring to events and how they are depicted) in the story.

In your write-up of your discoveries you should be sure in each instance to define not only what a theme, symbol, or setting is in literary studies terms, but to also state what they specifically are in the text. You should also demonstrate in your write-up how the text itself reveals to the analytical reader aspects of the socio-historical moment in which it was created and lets a reader today see ‘what life was like’ in the culture, time and place in which the text was created and set.

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