Women in complimentary roles

1. We have the example of the Shakers. Utilizing the video on the shakers and Chapter Twenty-Two, write an essay discussing the Shakers vision of Jesus that brought the women a degree of equality and control of their lives that was unparalleled in history. What were the beliefs that aided them in establishing an egalitarian society on earth? How did their doctrine of Christ’s return as a woman, help in the concept of shared power and authority in establishing their utopia?

2. In the Chapters Nineteen and Twenty, we were introduced to the women of the Tantric Buddhism and the Women who live in the Andes.  These examples are of highly specialized religions.  The Women in Tantric Buddhism have achieved total equality with men . Discuss the religious role that enables them to accomplish this. How does the fact that they are not monastic enable the women? What is the religious philosophy that enables these women to function religiously without any opposition?

Also compare and contrast the two groups of women that you choose.

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