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Answer the following questions about one product, service, or system that you have recently used (“product etc.” hereinafter) that found impressive. The product etc. need not be a commonly known item.
1) Explain in detail the product etc. that impressed you, including its background.
2) Recommend the product etc. to a third party. Clearly describe the kind of person to whom you would recommend it and explain the reason for your recommendation in detail.
3) Finally, think up on your own a product etc. that would be even more attractive than the product etc. you just described, and write a proposal for it.
Clearly note the sources of any quoted materials used in your written response. You are welcome to use drawings in your explanations, but only one photograph. The entire response (1-3) must be submitted on a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 8 pages of A4 paper.

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