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I offer you the “wild card” option of coming up with your own question, your own format, and your own set of sources. This last option is a bit riskier and may uncover the vulnerability of having not read the material closely enough, or of taking the theme in a direction tangentially related to the course. So, be duly forewarned that the “wild card” can remain just that: wild and ungainly. However, one possible wild card option could be a personal essay option. In some ways, this course has been about who we are, and who you are. This can get into touchy and uncomfortable territory, but that’s exactly why you’re in college – to be unhoused, to confront what’s uncomfortable, and to move out of the familiar comfort zones. We can talk about this more in person, but I have attached a scanned version of an essay by Jamaica Kincaid, entitled “Girl.” (This essay is also in the “Course Documents” section of our Chalk site.) I’ve had other students in the past take on this option for five pages. It’s a challenge. You try to mimic Kincaid’s style, which essentially is a list of “lessons” and “directives” imparted to her by her mother. This particular set-up (daughter-mother) can obviously change for your particular history, but give it a thought. The essay is a “blueprint” for any creative piece you might write.

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