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1. On the issue of whether social science researchers should be more inclined towards their ‘science credentials’ or their ‘craft credentials’, have you considered relating these issues to the ‘Mode 1’ and ‘Mode 2’ knowledge production systems?
2. According to your opinion, social science researchers should focus more on their science credentials, if this is the case, how then would the objective of creating more actionable knowledge by business schools be attained?
3. Do you agree that the academicians/teachers in business schools are already well grounded in theory-development (science credentials) and would need to shift much closer to the business community by developing their own craft credentials (skills and talent), so that they can become better producers of management/business knowledge that can practically applied?
4. Gibbons et al (1994) talked about knowledge production ‘becoming more socially accountable’ – Will the continued inclination to science credentials by social science researchers promote this need for knowledge to be more socially accountable?
According to Huff and Huff (2001, p. S49); “The limitations of current business school activities have been the subject of conversation for some time, and these discussions inevitably conclude with a call for significant redirection and innovation”.
In view of the above, how would the objective of closing the ‘relevance gap’ be advanced when social science researchers in this age and time are still more inclined towards developing their ‘science credentials’?

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