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1) Please explain the different kinds of whistle blowing. Provide at least one argument for why whistle blowing is morally permissible, and not morally permissible. Please explain under what circumstances is whistle blowing is not only morally permissible, but also, morally required.

2) How can one argue that there is a right to employment (in answering this question you must explain how one may have a) a right to work, b) a right to life, and c) a right to respect—not necessarily in that order)?How can one argue for a right to a just wage?

3) Please explain what are the four types of property. What is the difference between a copyright and a patent? In what sense are computer programs to be understood: as a patent or as a copyrightable property? What is the difference between the two? Who is
the legal owner of a program written at work computer during work hours, and yet was used only for the creator’s database tasks, and not for company wide use?

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