Written Report

(i) Most employment law introduced over the past two decades is a result of European Directives.
Employment contracts incorporate all relevant statutory provisions – express or implied. Employers can improve statutory employment rights but not diminish them. The Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010) draws numerous European Directives and subsequent domestic legislation together under a single Act of Parliament. Discuss the protected characteristics and types of discrimination covered by the Act and assess the impact on managers and directors of businesses in the United Kingdom.

(ii) Malcolm wanted to replace his laptop. Ruth offered to sell him hers for ₤500. It cost ₤900 new and was only six months old so Malcolm thought that this was a good deal. However, Malcolm had only ₤300 and needed to borrow ₤200 to be able to buy it. He told Ruth he would buy the laptop if he could borrow the money from his friend. Ruth said that was fine and she would keep
the offer open for a week until the following Monday at 2pm.
On Wednesday morning, Malcolm’s friend said he would lend him ₤200. Malcolm immediately telephoned Ruth to accept the offer but she was out. He left a message with her sister saying that he now had the money and would collect the laptop on Monday morning at 10am. Ruth’s sister forgot to pass the message on to her.
On Thursday morning, Ruth told her friend Sophie that she was selling her laptop. Sophie immediately offered her ₤550 for it and Ruth accepted straight away. Sophie handed over the money and went off with the laptop.
On Thursday afternoon, Ruth posted a letter to Malcolm revoking the offer. Unfortunately, on Friday the postal workers began a four-day strike and the letter did not arrive.
On Monday morning, Malcolm turned up at Ruth’s home, with ₤500 cash, to collect the laptop.
Advise Malcolm as to whether or not a contract has been formed.

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