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Institutional Affiliation:


The plan seeks to come up with response  procedures for a fire breakout at the Flatiron  Building.

The 22-storey landmark is located at 175th  Avenue  in Manhattan, New York.

The building does not only serve as a landmark in  the city but also acts as a historic place having  being built in 1902.

Currently, the building houses several offices that  serve different purposes.



The premises will be declared out of bound during  the occurrence of the fire and every person will be  assisted to move out safely.

All the occupants of the building will be asked to  gather at the nearest fire assembling point.

Some of the people who have experienced shock  will be moved to the nearest health facility for  assistance.

The relevant groups responsible for putting out  fires will be notified of the incident and shall be  requested to arrive to the scene.


After the rescuers arrive at the scene, they will be  the only people allowed to get close to the second  floor that will be on fire.

The groups in charge of the incident will put an  emergency advert on media platforms such as TV  and radio stations requesting for more support  from other groups.

The fire fighter will arrive on the scene and act  together with the police in controlling the  multitude that will be gathering around.



The incident commander shall be in charge of the  command system and will be in control of defining  the goals of the operation and the period for the  undertaking.

Other than incident commander, the command  system will include other officials such as Safety  Officer and Public Information Officer who will  provide guidance on how to handle the incident.




The body in charge of operations shall come up  with a practicable strategy, and shall define the  specific tasks for the assisting groups.

The team in control of operations shall coordinate  and execute strategies as well as apply varying  tactics to achieve the objectives of the response  mechanism.



The logistics team shall play an important role of  supporting the groups in charge of operations and  command by providing personnel, equipment, and  supplies.

The logistics group will oversee all the technical  work pertaining to the functioning of the rescuing  group.



The group in control of planning shall support the  command and operations teams in processing the  information about the incident.

The group shall coordinate information across the  response team.

Coordinates the activities for the incident  response mechanism.



The administration supports the command and  the operations team, and also oversees the  logistics and planning departments.

The administration provides  financial assistance  and define regulatory requirements.

The administration, for example, provides money  to acquire a new hose pipe to handle the case if  the current one cannot manage the situation.


Once the groups in charge of the operation are  certain that the danger is out, they will initiate a  recovery process to identify any adversities.

Health officers with the help of other groups will  identify if there are any injuries.

The fire fighters together with constructors will  take a look at the burnt floor and the entire  building to identify any major defaults.

The law enforcers will interact with some people  to gather the necessary information regarding the  incident.


The parties in charge of the rescue process will  carry out an after action review (AAR) to identify  the areas of weaknesses during the rescue  mission.

The process will also identify any deficiencies  within the ICS system.

The review may entail creating future directives.



The AAR process will focus on asking the  eyewitnesses and the victims what happened.

The responses may also describe what ought to  happen during the period.

The participants will describe why what happened  could not be prevented.

All the groups will share their views regarding the  lessons acquired from the process.


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