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Leadership Skills

Many people in the medical field are natural problem solvers, that is why shifting to an executive role and trying to improve the quality of healthcare delivery is something these professionals find appealing. While working in a hospital as a pharmacist, I was able to collaborate with different medical professionals; a task which opened the opportunity for me to take supervision initiatives throughout the clinic. I had the vision that a pharmacist can be a leader and an influence in patient. That is why I was present in hospital committees and was passionate about resource stewardship. My manager realized that I could take a bigger role and this earned me the position of a narcotic and controlled drug supervisor where I had three employees working under my supervision.

As a leader in this field, I am flexible concerning working hours, have the determination and integrity to complete tasks satisfactorily, and I am able to prescribe the right medicines to patients. I also guide nurses on which medication to prescribe to patients to ensure that wrong diagnosis does not occur and ensure that drugs are distributed evenly in all nursing department. Working with the three employees, I wanted to ensure that I distributed tasks evenly among them. This however had to depend on their skill so I sat with each to discuss their capabilities and the right tasks for them. I found out that two of them had good organizing skills and were active, therefore I assigned them the responsibility to take inspection and medication organization. The third employee had good Microsoft skills and took the role of data entry and statistics. Everyone seemed happy with the decision and satisfied with their tasks.

When managing the three employees, I ensure that I communicate effectively as I believe that leading others delivering quality care is not just about being an expert in medicine but also having good communication skills that cultivate trust. Diplomacy is also a skill that I possess as I am certain that is what it takes to communicate to nurses and subordinates that certain drugs might not be optimal.

A Formative Situation


A corona virus is a virus that can cause an infection on ones upper throat, sinuses, or nose.  A situation that was formative in my understanding of public health was the control of the corona virus. During the epidemic period of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Saudi Arabia, I was working in Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital. During this time, the hospital was the centre for MERS-CoV.  Since I was working in the public health department I was given the mandate to track down the cases number and how they involve in managing this situation in the hospital. The medics were tracking the source of the disease in the community in order to control it.  With the good public health system, the research identified the potential source of the epidemic and ran some tests. The results showed that camels were the primary source. This helped in creating public awareness and advised the community members on ways to prevent it from spreading. A year later, the number of patients who presented with the virus reduced. That experience actually motivated to study public health and help my country in the future.

While managing the situation, I learned that most of those viruses are not dangerous but if left untreated could lead to serious health issues. The virus is known to cause signs like those of a common cold which can easily be treated using over the counter medicine. While managing this virus, I leaned that it is spread through sneezing, coughing, coming into contact with an infected person, or touching things touched by those infected like doorknobs.

Corona virus can infect anyone as studies show that everyone gets the infection at one given point in their life mostly as children.  Some of the signs that patients showed were sore throat, having a runny nose, fever, and coughing. One important factor that I noted with the corona virus was that if it spread to the windpipe to the lungs, it caused pneumonia. These cases were common in older people with weak immune system and those who suffer from heart diseases.

To prevent the infection of the virus, people should take the same preventive measures taken to prevent a common cold. These include washing hands frequently and thoroughly with warm water and soap or using sanitizers; avoiding close contact with infected people; and keeping fingers and hands from the mouth, nose, and eyes. To treat it, I recommended patients to drink lots of fluid, get enough rest, and gave sore throat medicine. For children or teens below 19 years, it is important to avoid giving aspirin so I gave acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I also recommended a steamy shower to the patients which eases scratchy and sore throat

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