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Personal Statement


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Personal Statement

The employment sector in the field of health is becoming more competitive, and trainees are striving to acquire the highest form of qualification to secure lucrative positions. Many nurses, for instance, are now struggling to earn the Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN FNP) that gives one the mandate to serve in different capacities in the health sector. An FPN belongs to the group of an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who pays attention to the healthcare needs of family members starting from the younger individuals to older persons. The practitioner offers preventive, acute, and chronic care, and also engage in practices such diagnosis, treatment, regular checkups, immunization, and health assessment. Furthermore, FNPs can even give counseling services on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle to assist individuals who find it difficult to engage in practices that maintain their health. I believe that my application for the MSN FNP program at the University of Miami will give me the opportunity to explore my aspirations that fall into personal, educational, and professional objectives.

Several reasons pushed me to apply for the MSN FNP program. One of the reasons is that after my qualification I will be able to acquire a job that would earn me higher pay. The cost of living is escalating, and an appropriate way to deal with the situation is to secure employment that would give one the chance to acquire enough pay to sustain their wants. Otherwise, one would not be able to satisfy some of their personal needs, and this may act as a demoralizing factor. Other than the need to get higher pay, I get encouragement from friends and relatives who work in this position because through their narrations of the occupation I feel that it meets my desires as a job seeker.

Other than seeking to acquire higher pay and to experience the benefits I hear from other people, I applied for the program because it fits into my personal, educational, and professional aspirations. First, I have always desired to serve in the health sector where I could help people get over their health problems. I feel that serving in the position will give me the opportunity to understand some of the issues that trouble people and I will be able to get a broader overview of the human nature. Other than having the personal desire to serve as an FNP, I believe that going through the course equips me with the fundamental educational knowledge that would build my cognitive skills into a person who thinks critically and more comprehensively. The educational experience I gain from the course may help me to solve some of the complications in life, and may also assist me to come up with quick solutions to the issues facing the society. The MSN FNP program also meets my professional goals because, through the undertaking, I will get to serve as a social health worker, a profession that I have cherished since my childhood. The job will also provide the chance to people from other backgrounds, and this shall expose me to better ways of interacting with individuals who do not share similar cultural practices and views with me.

I plan to put every effort to graduate in the course regardless of the tribulations that may come along. I understand that the program requires intensive learning and that one must pay attention while going through the individual units; otherwise, it would be difficult to attain the required grade. Hopefully, I shall graduate with a degree that will help me enter into the practice as a qualified FNP.

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