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U.S Health

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U.S Health

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The United States ranks as 37th out of respective 191 nations in the world when it comes to life expectancy on average. Schroeder has challenged the country to become the leading provider in health care around the world (George, 2016). For the US to achieve this, several issues must be addressed before the actualization of required decisions on both administrative and operational levels. The country has several negative factors that have made universal health care to the citizens an almost impossible realization. There is uneven access to adequate medical care and management, despite the large budgetary allocations that the country has when compared to all other nations, even in the developed nations that have the same stature. In addition, the costs associated with the service delivery and charges for functionality are quite expensive for the common person as well as inequality that affect the overall system.

The US has to phase off its dual nature on health care matter for it to improve on its positioning. The health care system in the country is hugely expensive and in most cases is driven by the advancement of technology. According to George (2016), the country has to distinguish all parameters that are available for improving service delivery and changing the health status of the people. For example, preventive health care should be prioritized before the over-reliance of emergency treatment. Thus, the federal government should spearhead all possible prevention techniques to all people as a matter of urgency and convenience as opposed to communication on relayed care once they fall sick or affected by illnesses. It also calls on the channeling of the health care budget to cater for universal insurance to all people especially those at the lower end of financial abilities.

The country needs to include zero tolerance to medical errors and occurrence of overtreatment and over-diagnosis at any given time. Policies should be made and enforced to strengthen the above parameters thereby changing the health care approach by all stakeholders including the patients and healthy individuals. Behavioral and mental health indicators are supposed to be take priority in all planning to ensure that people are aware of the dangers that lie in poor lifestyle choices. Addressing the issue of inequality and inaccessibility to affordable health care services should be made a national decree without compromise. Integrating the social, economic, political, and environmental factors is also necessary to help the country realize its need for efficient health care systems.


The concerns of health care in any given setting are complex and therefore do not have a straight and singlehanded solutions to all problems that arise. Health care is fundamental to the quality of life for every human being. There should be no compromise on the factors that can be implemented to make sure it is: accessible, available, affordable, and effective to all. Stakeholders, including the common person, have to reach at a compromise on the way forward when dealing with the issue of health care as it affects average mortality to the entire population. The developmental context of all children from birth should be given significance as it leads to adolescence and adult life therefore affecting mortality. Contextual changes should be made to ensure that all people have clean air, water, nutrition, and the environment they live in is conducive for proper existence. On the personal level, we are all responsible for making the proper health choices through our lifestyles.




George, M. (2016). Being Fair in Universal Health Coverage: Prioritize Public Health Services for Low- and Middle-Income Countries. American Journal of Public Health, 106(5), 830-831. doi:10.2105/ajph.2016.303145


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