Vulnerable Population Assessment

Vulnerable Population Assessment


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Vulnerable Population Assessment

I live in Summerlin, Nevada. It is a community based in Las Vegas with beautiful residential homes apart from the main attraction of the Red Rock Canyon. Within the village, every resident possesses a trail where one can decide to take a walk, hike, and manage to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. Apart from the trail, the community has a common pool, soccer and baseball pitches, basketball and tennis courts, as well as golf utilities that are open for all. The target members of the community for the study are the mentally challenged as well as disabled persons in the area who are far from the health norm. They have to seek help from an external basis and this puts them at various health risks. With a comprehensive evaluation basis of the vulnerable members of the community, it is easier to facilitate mitigation steps to help them and make them part of the larger Summerlin.

Vulnerable Population Overview

Majority of the people within my community can be stated as healthy, especially taking into consideration the variety and extent of biophysical differences among them and the lifestyle choices. Most of the times, the community is active through utilization of the trail, exercising and walking. The community is mainly composed of family setups and the age bracket can be between one and sixty-five. Despite the appearance of a bristling healthy community, a select population representation is on the periphery of healthy living. It is not easily identifiable to see the mentally challenged persons, while the disabled are not far off either. Influences of drugs and alcohol are not on the upper limit, though the existence cannot be understated. An in-depth look at this vulnerable population provides for a better understanding of the situation on the ground, with an aim of achieving first-hand information.

The common trend of this vulnerable group in Summerlin can be identified through indicators such as their residential settings and economical condition. Majority can be homeless and unemployed especially based at the major intersection of the streets. They are also detached from other members, in that their model houses are not at par as the others. Since most of the houses are in good shape, and added condominiums as well as apartments are on the rise, it is easy to establish this population through the marked difference in the process. Transportation is also characteristic as the vulnerable population does not own cars, and in most cases do not use the public transportation available. Their routines are isolated as they do not utilize the public spaces and recreational facilities as the rest.

Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers

Using the wellness orientation in determining various factors that characterize the vulnerable population provides a solid foundation of their involvement. One of the main barriers that can be distinguished to the health promotion is that of feeling stressed or sad. It is a state that can make the population have a limited outlook on ways to improve their physical, social, psychological, and biological abilities to exercise and live a healthy life just like the others. In addition, there seems to be limited support towards them in ways of encouraging their social status and improving them in equal measure (Shor & Shalev, 2014). On the other hand, the same barrier has catapulted the isolation of the group from the others as their establishments are not in line with daily activities, routines, and trends expected. It also adds up to the conundrum that has not been realized fully of the vulnerable population.

One of the main risk factors that accompany the vulnerable population in this regard is the social fabric of the community. As the majority of the population carries out their participation and utility of the public recreational facilities, a growing trend of detachment can be identified within the community (Patel, 2014). The mentally challenged persons stand as the most vulnerable as they provide a difficult position for their support and social inclusion to the larger groups. On the other hand, the disabled are able to improve their participation just as the elderly who need nursing care and attention all the time. In return, the community in Summerlin is at an advance and premise of ensuring that a healthy population is achieved while providing help needed as need arises.

Community Resources

Summerlin Hospital is the primary health care facility in the community. It focuses on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric, labor, and delivery operations. The hospital is located at 657 N. Town Center drive. It is open and accommodative to all people in the community, while the service delivery is earmarked as timely. Judging the requirements needed for the vulnerable group in the community, the resources are not adequate. Apart from the hospital, several clinics in the area do not provide the much-needed services to address mental challenges, disabilities, and efficient care that can be given to the elderly persons. The gaps in this setting make it harder for the vulnerable population to obtain care and attention as required, thereby forcing those to seek help elsewhere (Tsemberis, & Macnaughton, 2017). It becomes costly and time-consuming when having to look for external facilities to address issues that can be solved within the same locality. It increases the deterioration of health status of the people.

Community Health Problem Diagnosis

The main priority for the community health problem that the susceptible group is attention and care to existing challenges that they face. Experiencing lack of adequate medication, treatment, and checkup for the mental issues, disability concerns, and effective shelters for the elderly can be of uttermost importance to the group at any given time (Canady, 20150. A community health nurse can have a positive impact on the susceptible group through instituting basic facility that can offer services that addresses these challenges. Looking at the Healthy People 2020 indications, the mental health, and disorders target is of 1.7. Within Nevada alone, the populations as per 2009 were 3.6, 2013 was 3.8, and 2015 stood at 2.8 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018). The objective when addressing this concern is to ensure that the population is reduced to 1.7 to enable better mitigation and management programs for the communities.


The vulnerable population in Summerlin, Nevada is mostly the mentally challenged persons as well as the disabled, and elderly who need nursing care and attention. The main indication that enhances the susceptibility of these people is both economical and social, especially with their inability to participate in an active lifestyle like majority of the population in the community. The result is that there is a growing isolation and detachment of the vulnerable population from the other members of the community, and it threatens to weaken the social fabric of the area. Priority should be given in establishing a health facility that addresses the issues stated as well as programs that can improve the inclusivity of all members of the community, despite their challenges.



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