Business Studies

Complete each of the 3 sections in Project Management
Heart and Soul of Project Management
Structures, Processes, Methods, Tools
Analysis of Success Factors
After completion each 3 sections in Project Management, complete a business case study that will involve all the concepts you learned from that section. For example, our first section is The Heart and Soul of Project Management which covers Chapters 4, 5, 8, 9, 10. You will read through the case studies at the end of each of the chapters and select ONE case study from any of the chapters in the section and complete a progress repor

Do : Structures, Processes, Methods, Tools – Chapters 2, 3, 11. At the end of these chapters are case studies about project management (see chapters and page number below). Read through all the case studies and select one case study to analyze and create a business style progress report in interoffice memo format.

Select one case study from one of the following chapters on Structures, Processes, Methods, Tools :

Chapter 2 Case Studies – pgs. 77-90
Chapter 3 Case Studies – pgs. 128-135
Chapter 11 Case Studies – pgs. 519-522

Write a detailed complete paragraph with a brief summary about the highlights of the case. pull out the most important points of project management out of this case study and summarize in your own words.

What are your thoughts about the case? What did they do right? Do wrong? Use your project management terminology from the chapters. Support your analysis with your project management terminology. This should be a thorough analysis. Using complete college level paragraphs–think of a paragraph per chapter. For example…

Paragraph about chapter 2 terms as they relate to the case, project process and methods
Paragraph about chapter 3 terms as they relate to the case, project management tools
Paragraph about chapter 11 terms as they relate to the case, project organizational structures

Answer Case Study Questions from 1 of the chapters:
Next from the CASE STUDY you choose, answer the questions from one of the chapters completely and thoroughly drawing from examples and project management terminology. This turns into your recommendation to the company using supporting project management terminology from the chapters. You are the Project Manager.

Why did you choose this particular business case study? What sparked your interest in this case? Did it remind you of a work related business case? Were you curious about the subject matter or the company? What did you learn from analyzing the business case?

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