Business Studies

The Internationalization Process of your Firm

  • Detail and discuss the history of overseas investment around the world by your firm. When and where were the overseas affiliates established? What does each affiliate do? Are these affiliates joint ventures or wholly-owned subsidiaries? Who are the partners in the joint ventures? § Consider the various countries in which the firm has established overseas affiliates. How do these countries rate in terms of market potential and/or competitiveness? How far distant are these countries from the home country of the firm? § Summarise all the factual information in table(s) in the Appendix


The Case Study Provide a detailed description of your chosen firm/country combination. Rationale? Activities? Position in value-chain? Prior exports? Where? When? Entry mode? Partners? How does this case study fit with the overall internationalization strategy of the firm?  Does the country have any restrictions on FDI operations in the industry? How did the company overcome entry barriers? § Relate to the academic literature to address your central research question(s)  Include relevant data from Orbis for the firm and its competitors (e.g. what is the ratio of foreign sales to total sales for your firm, and how has it grown over time?)


Conclusions : What was interesting about the case study? Does it appear to follow the predictions of the extant theories/models? Does it appear to be a special case? Why or why not? • Bibliography (not included in word count): Provide full information in Harvard style for all references cited. Do not include references you have not read. • Appendices (not included in word count): Include background information about your firm and its internationalization process



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