Chem Waste Management, Inc v. Hunt, 504 U.S.334 (1992)

Content: The following areas are to be covered in your paper:
1. What is the legal issue that the court is addressing?
2. Who are the parties in the case, and what are the arguments of each party?
3. Did you understand the case? If not, what was confusing?
4. What was the decision of the court?
5. Do you think the court made the correct decision or not? Explain why you agree or disagree
with the position.
6. What did you learn from reading the case? Below are some questions you might consider.
You don’t need to answer all of these questions, and there may be other issues you would like
to address. These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking:
• Was the case confusing? If so, how so?
• Did you learn something from this case that you did not already know? If so, what?
• Did reading the case help you understand how a case goes through the legal system? If so, how so?

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