Coursework Report Canvas model

Our idea is an app that alerts you when there are discounts going on in shops you like so you don’t miss out. Follow the instructions down below to complete the report. Use the Canvas model down below to help you with information about the app.

1. Part 1: 600-700 words
The new Business organisation
• Introduction of your report.
• Prototype the Business Model
And conclusion.

2. Part 2:
Reflective Portfolio Learning Outcomes (800 words)
• Are you an entrepreneur?
What are your entrepreneurial traits?
What are your ‘non-entrepreneurial’ traits?
How entrepreneurial are you in comparison with the other team members?
Do you think that entrepreneurial traits exist? Are they needed to create a new business?
Explain by using your experience during this project.
• Did you experience, during this project, situations that were new to you? Give a couple of
examples, or explain why not.
• Have you gained any new knowledge during the current project?
If you did, describe it briefly and explain what made you learn. For example, what specific
situations and tasks required new knowledge and how did you learn?
If you did not learn, explain why. For example, how was your previous know-how key for your
• Have you developed any new skills during the project? Describe briefly either the skills and
the situations/tasks that required them, or the reasons why new skills were not needed?
• Have you developed your ability to manage effectively people and resources? Give examples
from the current project or explain why there was no need for such development.
• Did you learn from any errors that either you or your team made? Explain briefly.
• Did events during the project triggered learning or skill development? For example, feedback
for your class presentation. Did any such event change your mindset about the business in a
significant way?
• Were any of the events during the project stressful? Did it impact on your learning or even selfunderstanding?
Was any event rewarding?
• Did any experimentation during the project teach you new skills or knowledge?
• Is writing this report help you to learn about your entrepreneurial skills? Explain briefly.
• How did working within a team influence your entrepreneurial learning?
• Has this project increased your ability to notice or be aware of business opportunities? If it has,
give a specific example that results from this project.
• Has this project decreased you wish to become an entrepreneur? Explain.
• Do you expect to become an entrepreneur in the future? Why? What are your weaknesses and
strengths as an entrepreneur?

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