Critique of a Research Paper

Using the outline below critique the article provided to you by the instructor.
1. What was the purpose of the study? Is the phenomenon to be studied clearly articulated and delimited?

2. What was the need or rationale for this particular study?

3. Which purposeful sampling technique was used? What was the sample size? How were people selected to be interviewed or observed?

4. What was the research role assumed by the researcher? What was the person’s training and background?

5. How long was the researcher in the field?

6. What was the design selected?

7. What data collection strategies were used? Were multiple strategies employed?

8. What strategies did the researcher use to minimize potential bias (internal and external validity)?

9. What are the recognized limitations of the study?

10. What ethical consideration was addressed?

11. Did the researcher specify how informed consent, confidentiality, etc. were handled in the field?

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