Cultural and Ethnic Studies

The action plan term paper provides an experience with delivering human services to a community or group in a culturally competent manner.

Choose a current community/group issue or problem. Example= homelessness, Organize your paper into three sections (typed, double-spaced, 10 to 12 pgs.).

Section One: Community/Group Issue or Problem. Choose an issue or problem that lends itself to an intervention plan. Using 3-4 references, describe and document the community/group issue/problem using secondary sources (books, journal articles, etc.) and/or primary sources (interviews, newspaper articles, demographic information using government documents).

As you describe the issue or problem, include its incidence and the characteristics of those most affected. Such identifying information might include:
• geographic location of the community
• race, ethnicity, gender or other "diversity markers" of those involved
• income, occupation, education
• language(s)
• family size and structure (if relevant)

Section Two: Intervention or "Action Plan." The action plan section of the term paper needs to consist of five subsections:

1. Define the objective of the plan (the change your plan aims to
2. Describe the action steps (the specific activities/strategies that will result in
the change.
3. Discuss at least three Organization Strategies that could be used in the intervention and three Personal
Competencies of those persons involved in implementing the change
Specify the time frame (approximately when each activity will be
4. Describe the evaluation (the way progress toward the objective(s) will be
5. Specify the cultural awareness, understanding, and skills of the organizer
that correlate with successful implementation of the plan, and again at
least three of the personal competency behaviors need to be mentioned.

Section Three: Conclusion. Briefly summarize the main points of the paper and discuss your personal reaction to writing this paper. Describe what you learned about a culturally competent intervention in a diverse community and how you can use what you learned in a practical way.

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