Requirements​ ​for​ ​the​ ​term​ ​paper

The topic of the term paper is to discuss: ● Why can China no longer continue to grow along the past track of relying on exports?

  • What would be the new growth engines for China? And how fast would be the new normal growth for China?
  • What are the economic, political and social reforms critical for China to maintain 1 sustained strong economic growth in the future?


Your paper is expected to reflect what is covered in my lectures. You also need to expand the substance of your paper with your own research and reading. You need to consult, at least, three additional academic references, especially journal articles and their equivalent. You may use sources in Chinese, but you provide both Chinese titles and their English translation. A significant positive factor for demonstrating your knowledge and scholarship would be to annotate your bibliography, summarizing the contents and arguments of the sources you have used for your paper. Other requirements are: ● Follow strictly the APA citation style. ● Be free of grammatical errors. ● The paper must be typed and double-spaced. ● There is a title page that contains a title, your name and ID and a separate page for an abstract. ● The main text body should have minimum four and maximum five pages, excluding the title page, reference pages, and tables and figures pages. ● The help for writing term papers can be found at:




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