English 101

recording  interview of me (Abdullah from Kuwait) and Yasmine Bagher from Iran and Cole Solanajan from the united states. We discussed things about our culture and how each culture differ from the other! Please listen CAREFULLY to the recording because you will mention at the beginning of the essay that the easy was written based on the interview and you will mention our names too!

Some of the topics that we have discussed in the recording were: Family and Family communication, Food Habits, Gender Race, Religion, and Education.

** Please note:

Introduction: this should include information about the cultures, the process of conducting the interviews, and the individuals view. It should also include a preview of the organization of the main body of the essay!

Body: the body of the essay should present key information gleaned from the interviews. It should not be presented as a dry list of cultural differences. Instead, efforts should be made to connect what was learned from the interviews with concepts learned. the essay should include direct quotes and paraphrases of the statements of the interview subjects and from the readings. Sections of the body should be organized by topic.

*** PLEASE READ THIS- I need you to look in any of the online books (not from Wikipedia or any other website!!) that talks about the African culture and write about their culture and compare their culture with what each of us discussed about our culture in the recording, for example compare the african food habits with my food habits in kuwait that i talked about in the recording, so for Yasmin and Cole. Please note that I need you to write about the african culture in a separate paragraph in the body. Please write the body with 4 paragraphs. for the first three paragraphs choose one topic of what we have discussed in the recording and compare it to each of our cultures and so on for the two rest paragraphs. and the fourth paragraph will be about the African Culture. and please mention the citatoin on the reference page!

Conclusion: Summarize the entirety of the essay. Attempt to draw a larger picture from what was learned from the process.

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