Fresh Connection Game







The assessment, which is worth 30% of the marks for this module, is based on the “Fresh Connection” supply chain management game.


Assignment brief:


You are required to answer the following three questions. Please note the word limit on each answer.


  1. Discuss how the ‘Fresh Connection’ company could improve its financial and non-financial performance by engaging in the strategic management of its supply chain processes. Use appropriate examples from the game and theory from academic literature to support your answer. (1000 words)

(40 marks)

  1. Discuss how strategic risk management is useful to manage supply chain disruption. Use relevant information and examples from the ‘Fresh Connection’ game and academic literature to support your answer. (1000 words)

(40 marks)

  1. Reflect on the performance of your team and your individual performance within the team. How would you approach the exercise if you were to play the game again? How did the game help you understand SC theories? (500 words)

(20 marks)

Note the weighting of each question.

Your answer should refer to, but not be limited by, the tools, techniques and functionality available within the ‘Fresh Connection’ supply chain management game.  You should provide specific examples from the game and use academic literature (where appropriate) to illustrate your answer.


Students are expected to make extensive use of academic research which should be referenced using the APA 6th system.  You are expected to apply relevant academic theory to the case study and to demonstrate analysis and evaluation of the various concepts. You should not merely provide a description of the case study.














Learning outcomes:

This assignment is designed to allow the student to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:




How supply chain management can be used as part of successful strategic management in a modern organisation;
How companies should organise – both internally and with each other – in order to manage supply chains successfully.
Ability To evaluate the performance of supply chains described in case studies;
To identify and evaluate key issues and problems relating to a range of case study supply chain scenarios;
To generate and evaluate potential solutions to supply chain problems.


Marking Criteria



Grade % Range Description
A >70 The work should be evaluative and display effective judgement, supported by a thorough underpinning of theory. The work should incorporate sufficient understanding and evidence from the game. The work will display a very good balance of information from the game and theory. There should be clear evidence of extensive reading with scrupulous attention to style, grammar, layout and the use of language. Very good referencing throughout.


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