Health and Safety Laws and Practices in the Oil and Gas Sector

Essay Topic:         Marriage and Divorce in Sharia and Saudi Law



Category 5 4 3 2 1 Your score
Supporting Evidence Student(s) provide a very wide range of materials to support their claims and statements (articles, cases, legislations, etc.) Student(s) provide strong supporting evidence to back their claims Student(s) provide adequate evidence to support claims Student(s) provide weak evidence. Student(s) provide no supporting evidence.  
Structure and effectiveness Essay is excellently structured with an introduction, body and conclusion. Essay maintains a clear thesis, and clear focus. Essay is well structured with a good thesis and effective structure. Essay is adequately structured and presented. Essay is poorly structured and not well presented. Essay has no structure and is ineffective in explaining the concepts.  
Use of Sources Essay contains a wide variety of sources and the student makes excellent use of referencing throughout the essay. Essay contains a decent number of sources and student makes strong use of reference throughout. Essay contains an adequate amount of sources and student makes adequate use of references throughout. Essay contains a weak variety of sources and little referencing is made throughout essay. Essay contains no references and a weak/non-existent bibliography  
Critical Thinking Essay contains insightful analysis with unique presentation clear connections made to real life. Essay contains strong indications of critical thinking. Essay contains average indications of critical thinking Essay contains very little critical thinking. Essay contains no critical thinking and weak analysis.  






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