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Reflect on a leader who you believe is effective in managing a multicultural organization and is creating a culturally synergistic work setting.

The individual you select should be someone you can readily research and gather information about. The individual can be a past or present Fortune 500executive, a political figure, or someone from within your own organization.This individual must manage a multicultural work group and must have adopted a leadership approach that creates cultural synergy.

Write a paper that addresses the following:

Describe the leader and the organization.
Discuss why this leader is effective in a multicultural setting. What exactly has this leader done to create cultural synergy?
Based on what you have learned about managing diversity, what more can this leader and/or the organization do to enhance cultural synergy?
Discuss the strategies and techniques the leader used to develop cultural synergy within his or her work group, department, or organization. And, because there is always more that can be done, what else do you recommend?

Identify and describe a leader in a diverse organization or multicultural setting including the leader’s characteristics and philosophy and the purpose of the organization.

Discuss the selected leader’s strategies to create and sustain cultural synergy in his/her organization.

Discuss what more the leader can do to enhance diversity and cultural synergy in the organization.

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