Health Care

An understanding of health care cost, access to care, and quality of care is vital for health care professionals, as is the ability to articulate these issues. For this assignment, students will examine the effects of cost and the issues associated with accessing quality care, both in a historical context as well as the future impact on health care. For this assignment, address the following in 750-1,000 word paper:

Identify the factors contributing to the rising cost of health care.
-When did rising health care costs become an issue?
-Why are health care costs continuing to rise?
-What can be done to address this issue?
-Identify the impact that cost is having on access to care. How does access to health care today compare to 10 years ago?
– Can providers refuse care to those with certain payment methods such as Medicaid?
-Do you believe that we will have universal access to health care in the future?
-Discuss the issue of providing quality care.
-How much of a factor is cost in determining quality of care?
-What does the future of health care look like with regard to quality?

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