International Business Project

– The two countires: 1- South Korea. 2- Tunisia
– you do not have to compare and contrast those two countries, just talk about them separately.
– the GCC business can be any business of your choice.
– This is the an international business class eith the goal to tell us how to make a GCC business successful internationally
– Cover all aspects and terms of each guidline please
– you can use as much or as little sources as you like doesn’t have to be 14

– Select a GCC business offering consumer products / services. It must be a current Gulf-owned business. You cannot work on a product / service which the company already markets
in the two countries. This project is not about describing what some company already does. It is
rather for you to think about how to do things the those two countries.
– You must choose something which fits into their product lines. It cannot be something completely
unrelated to what the company markets now. It also cannot be something they already currently market in either of those two countries, although they can be there marketing other products.
– Assess market potential in each of the two countries for the product you have chosen and show the potential for a brand from the Gulf, considering relevant issues related to formal and informal institutions.
– Using SWAT & VRIO frameworks, assess competitiveness of the company. Also assess
whether there are any barriers to trade, transfer of knowhow, or in investment that may hinder competitiveness of your company.
– Who are the key competitors in your country for your product / service? Important competitors
might be local, or foreign companies operating there, or both. Briefly assess their resources & capabilities, noting particularly how easy or difficult it will be to compete with them, given their resources / capabilities. Show how you might be able to learn from the things they do particularly
– Recommend an entry strategy (export or FDI) for the GCC business to enter the markets in the two
countries, and briefly say how the strategy could be implemented. It does not necessarily have to be
the same strategy – if conditions in the two countries are sufficiently different, you may need different strategies.
– Discuss the differences and similarities in your strategies for the two countries. What general
principles can you recommend for when a company similar to the one you discuss here goes into
foreign markets (consider, among others, the "Implications for Practice")

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