Internship Final report.


Bus 4351 Internship

Summer 2017

Final report


Your final internship report must answer the following ten questions:


Write your name, your student number and your major in the header of your report.


  1. Where did you do your internship and why?
  2. What were your key objectives/aspirations for the internship?
  3. What was the work of the organisation/department/section about?
  4. Was it a good place to do an internship? Why and/or why not? – make a recommendation to future interns.
  5. What did you do most days? Give examples of your most active and your slowest days.
  6. What was most frustrating or challenging to you? Give key examples.
  7. What new knowledge, skills and abilities did you learn during the internship (except getting to know the organisation and the people where you worked)? Give evidence/examples.
  8. If you could start the internship all over, what will you do differently?
  9. If you could start your studies all over, what will you do differently?
  10. What was the most important key lesson that you learned about yourself in the workplace during this internship?

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