Jazz History

talk about multiple subgenres in Jazz, and each subgenres needs to talk about a number of points. I’ll leave the number of subgenres added to the essay up to the writer, depending on how much detail can be added to each one. The paper needs to reach up to 5-6 pages, and at least 3 subgenres need to be included.
The structure of the subgenres need to focus on a song by an artist, the history of the artist, the instruments used in the song, as well as what is usually used within the subgenre, history of the subgenre (how it started, how did it get popular, is it still popular and relevant today?, etc.), the geographical area in which it is traditionally played, and any cultural context that intended when performing the song (specifically the one chosen as the focus point of the subgenre). Be sure to include a youtube link to the song at the end of each subgenre.
o select the most popular subgenres that can be found, as well as the most popular songs of said subgenres, as this paper is not a very in-depth research into the subject matter, it’s more about highlighting the

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