Natural Disasters and Emergency Management in missouri

Write a paper and include: introduction, the body in which all items below are addressed and references cited, a well-defined conclusion, and reference page. You will need to write clearly and concisely to address all items in 5 pages. Your paper must include at least 5 scholarly references (no Wikipedia!). References should be scholarly peer reviewed journal articles, official reports or from other reading resources. Avoid using secondary sources like non-scholarly websites or textbooks.

Each disaster follows a general pattern in its development and dividing disasters into phases is useful from both a response and research point of view. Select a natural disaster, preferably one that may occur where you currently live (but one from the list below).

These are the most common storms where I live.

You must address in your paper the following:
1) Utilizing the fundamental principles of healthcare incident managements, describe how your selected disaster fits into these principles.
2) What issues in this disaster would make triaging of victims a challenge?
3) What types of injuries are most likely to occur?
4) What issues may uniquely effect the vulnerable populations (such as children and elderly populations) during this specific event?
5) What Public Health issues may ensue (i.e., infectious disease outbreaks) and what can we do to mitigate the events?
6) How can interagency cooperation and local collaboration be effectively utilized?
7) Include any considerations unique to the disaster including pre-and post-incident pitfalls.

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