Organizational Analysis 2

Goal The goal of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to examine an organization and to develop the skills to analyze and identify the major elements in the organization and to assess the assets, liabilities, and resources of the organization. This assignment provides the basis upon which following assignments are to be developed. For this assignment, you are to select an organization with which you are familiar and describe and analyze the organization. Part I of the assignment will provide the framework for your analysis. The second Part II of the assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply organizational theory to assist you in understanding the agency and how it functions. In other words evaluate the effectiveness of the organization and its impact on the clients and the community. Part I A Description of the Organization Briefly address the following points: Identify a social service agency or organization in terms of its type (e.g., public, private, non-profit, for-profit or proprietary), the population served, and services that it provides; Discuss the mission and purpose of the organization regarding rural communities (accordance with social work values and ethics); Discuss the policies that guide the operations of the organization; Identify agency’s approach to problem solving and interventions strategies used by the agency. Explain how the agency evaluation the effectiveness of the staff delivery of services to clients. Analyze the structure of the organization in terms of the type and composition of the board of directors, type and composition of the staff, the clients served, addressing all relevant aspects of diversity, its accessibility to people with disabilities and other populations at risk; Assess the cultural competence of the organization; Examine the organization’s policies for hiring and promotion, recruitment and retention, and affirmative action plans; Discuss the cultural competence of your organization in addressing the needs of the client population served; Describe the racial/ethnic, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious and other aspects of diversity as they are reflected in the clients, staff, administration and board of directors; Discuss the manner in which issues related to rural communities are addressed; Be sure to address ethical issues and the impact of those issues on delivery of service at all levels of practice Describe the plans and opportunities for staff development and in-service training, particularly related to cultural competence; Provide an organization flow chart; Identify the source of funding; Public or private funding or a combination of funding streams; Reauthorization of funding; Describe the relationship of the organization with the community-at-large. Part II Application of Organizational Theory Please address the following points in your discussion: With specificity, discuss the theory that applies to this organization demonstrating the ways in which it applies; Describe the philosophical foundation of the organization in terms of the philosophy of social work; Discuss the value the organization holds regarding professional social work and the role of professional social workers. Discuss the process for staff evaluation of their delivery of services to clients to determine the effectiveness of the intervention and strategies they use in delivery of services. Describe ways in which you would evaluate the role of supervisors within the agency.

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