Organizational Datamanagement Problems

select an organizational data management problem that might exist in the real world. Then evaluate all of your articles in terms of their ability to help solve your organizational data management problem. Write a paper in which you address:

What is the organizational data management problem that needs to be addressed? Support the existence of the problem with at least 3 references (these may be scholarly or industry sources but should tend towards industry sources)
What is the impact of this problem? Outline the problem. Whom does it affect and to what extent? Support the impact of the problem with at least 3 references
Why/How does this problem exist? What is the underlying cause? Support the cause of the problem with at least 3 references.
Evaluate the articles for their utility in solving the organizational data management problem. Are the findings appropriate and do they provide useful information for practitioners? Support the ability of the research to provide valued results with at least 3 references.

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