Social Media Impacts on Tourism

Your final report must include the following elements:

1.A one-page Executive Summary containing the key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the study.

  1. A brief statement of the specific issue being analysed (e.g. the impact of low cost carriers on the aviation industry) and justification of its importance.
  2. A brief statement of research methods/sources utilised and any limitations you encountered.
  3. Major findings, including the following:
  • A literature review of the issue, incorporating academic and industry/government sources.
  • Comparative analysis of the issue internationally (covering at least two countries/regions/destinations).
  • The challenges presented to industry and/or governments by the trend or issue and how effectively they have been addressed.
  1. Conclusions and recommendations
  • Brief summary of key findings
  • Recommendations for industry and/or government bodies to address the trend or issue.


The length of the report should be between 3,000 and 4,000 words in length (excluding the executive summary and any appendices). Larger groups should be at the upper end of the word limit. The allocation of tasks towards the production of the final report should be managed within your team. The report should address all the elements identified above and be structured accordingly. Information presented must be based on facts, which means that you are required to include a reference list of at least 10 references (at least 5 being academic references). This is a minimum requirement and more are recommended. These references should be as current as possible (i.e. within the last 10 years, and preferably within the last

5 years).

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