Consider technological innovations and developments in your field. In your paper: 1) Describe, in detail, an example of how one such innovation/development (using any example that you want post-1970) has either increased or decreased environmental or social justice and inequality in the U.S. Make sure to discuss what the technological development is and its environmental or social consequence(s). 2) Looking forward, can you predict any other possible unintended environmental and/or consequences from this branch of technology? 3) Next, discuss how your current or past projects have or will contribute to environmental and/or social justice or injustice in the United States.

Include at least two citations. You can cite two course readings or you can have one citation from a course reading and one citation from the movie "Secrets of Silicon Valley." Either way you need two. Citing lecture will not count as one of these citations for this paper.

Review the grading rubric to make sure that you address the content and form designated by the rubric.

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