Stress of Multiple Deployments for Military Soldiers


Use the sections below as headings in your work. Not doing so will result in loss of points.


Do Not Use Quotes of Any Kind in your work.


Section 1 Needs assessment of a local community

  1. Describe the “community”. This is comprised not only of geography but people who might see themselves as related. You can pick population for which you have special interest, but for this project keep the geographical setting in and around Pembroke, or at least this part of North Carolina.
  2. Perform a needs assessment around your topic of interest for this community. Remember that you will refer to normative, expressed, relative and perceived needs. (for perceived you can ask community / agency leaders what they perceive as needs for your population of interest)

Cite at least four sources in this section for your data


Section 2 Describe the Social Problem for the community

Based on your needs assessment above, provide a succinct description of the social condition that is considered a problem. This is the quick statement of the problem that you provide at a moment’s notice to anyone who asks…Think of this as answering a reporter’s question as you walk down the hall to your elevator….

  1. What is the nature and scope of the condition or issue.

Indicate the number of people or groups involved, and where are they located locally. You distill what you uncovered in the needs assessment above and again provide citations.

  1. Why is the issue a problem. So far you have identified conditions.
  2. Why are they problems?
  3. Who says they’re problems,
  4. Is there a significant social cost?
  5. What societal values are touched by the issues that make it a problem?

Remember this is succinct and tailored to grab attention of the listener….

Section 3: The history of the issue and how it was addressed in the community

Briefly Track the history of the social problem from colonial times to present day.

Be sure to include:

1.The place of local, State, and federal government in this community’s experience of the problem and how it changed over time.

  1. At least two major legislative initiatives or other events related to finding solutions to the problem.
  2. Two local prominent or charismatic leaders currently involved in the problem’s solution.
  3. At lease three societal values at work in the problem’s history.
  4. The place of the social work profession in addressing the problem for this community and how it has changed over time.


Section 4. The etiology of the problem.

  1. According to the literature, what factors are involved in bringing the problem into existence and sustaining it. Include at least three factors and indicate how they affect the problem and how they do or do not operate in the community you have chosen. Please use references to substantiate your thinking (at least three peer reviewed)
  2. In the literature, find at least two theories that explain the existence of the problem and suggest possible interventions. Theories are different from a list of factors. You will consult the research and theoretical literature to answer this question. (again use references)


Section 5. Knowing the stakeholders

1 Uncover THREE advocacy groups, either nationally or  with local presence, that deal with the social problem.

For each advocacy group:

  1. Indicate how this group can be contacted (most likely a web address). This should be easy to do. After all, the advocacy group wants to be found.
  2. Identify one issue, course of action or a legislative/ ballot-based effort promulgated by each of the three advocacy groups. This should be easy to find on their website. This answers the question: “What are they working on?” “”What do they want done?”



Section 6: Your proposal: what can be done?

Putting together your understanding of the community, it’s history and the nature of the social problem, what can be done? This is your initial solution to the problem and is a natural extension of the problem statement above.

1 What should be done, by who and when. Be specific as you can for now. You will polish this in the next assignment

  1. Why do you think your ideas will work. What theories (see above) do you use and what are your hypotheses (there is a difference).
  2. What do you think might be some issues in cultural accommodation for the community you have chosen. (stress any cultural issues for African American, Native American, or Hispanic culture, Asian cultures that may apply. This is very important)

4 How do your ideas about what should be done adjust to the rural environment here, and how it is changing? This requires some thought

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