The Employment Outlook in Accounting for the next five years



Due: November 27, 2017



For this assignment, you will be completing the analytical report individually or as a group.

The analytical report must be between 10 and 15 double-spaced pages in length (from introduction through recommendations) about one of these topics:


  • The Employment Outlook in Your Major for the next five years
  • Strategies for Increasing Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Strategies for Creating and Delivering Powerful Business Presentations
  • Strategies for Developing A Professional Network
  • Strategies for Developing Confidence


Additional project details will be provided in class and on Moodle. Please follow the formatting and content guidelines that will be posted on Moodle rather than those of the textbook.

You must use a minimum of five credible refereed secondary sources to compile a reference list. Sources must be cited in the text, not simply listed in the references. Refereed journal article sources are preferred. Wikipedia and web sites are not refereed sources. The sources need to be current; they should have been written during the past five years.


Report Preparation

Please keyboard your report using Arial 12 font so that it follows American Psychological Association (APA) 6.0 guidelines with a professional appearance. Attendance at the APA Style workshop, which is delivered by a member of the library staff during one class session, is helpful in formatting the report.


Report Parts

Your report must contain the following parts:


  1. Title Page
  2. Memo of Transmittal (1 page)
  3. Executive Summary (1 page)
  4. Introduction—background of the study and methods of research (2 pages, and include the outline of 3 parts)
  5. Body Chapter (9 pages, and only include the outline of part II and III)
  • presents a literature review (secondary research)
  • a minimum of one visual aid (table or figure)
  • conclusions (we don’t have conclusion in the outlineplease write the conclusion by your own mind)
  • recommendations
  1. References in APA Style


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