Vulnerable Population Assessment

Caring for Populations Vulnerable Population Assessment Directions:
This APA paper is expected to be no more than four pages in length (not including the title page and reference list). Below are the requirements for successful completion of this paper. Please use the categories described below as the first level headings on your paper (note: the introduction does not carry a heading of "introduction," instead the title of the paper is repeated and centered at the top of the second page in plain text). APA formatting helps you to format your paper in a professional manner and provides consistent methods for citing your sources within the paper and providing the complete reference on the reference page. See the APA resources for assistance with APA formatting. There is an APA template that you can use to type on and this will help with APA formatting. The SSPRNBSN Student Success Strategies resource has a module on writing scholarly papers and APA formatting. You may access SSPRNBSN by finding its tile in your dashboard, or clicking on the link in your course list.
Based on your community assessment, including your windshield survey and the assessment information from your discussions, identify one aggregate or vulnerable population in your community that faces a community health problem. See units five (5) and six (6) in Nies and McEwen (2015) for examples of vulnerable populations and aggregates. Your community must be the area where you live or work.
Introduction (one paragraph): The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader’s attention.
Provide a brief description of your community including the city name and state and key
Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada is the community where I live. In Summerlin is well known as a beautiful community with lovely residential homes and close to Red Rock Canyon. Every village has its own trail where residents can bike, hike and walk to promote active life style. It also has a community pools, baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and golf. There are beautiful parks and recreational facilities for the community residents that they can use for any special events. It’s easy to find restaurants and shops around the area.
Briefly introduce one aggregate or vulnerable population that you identified in your assessment.
The vulnerable populations in Summerlin are those far outside the health norm. People with advance health problem including mental issue and disabilities will most likely have to seek help outside the community.
Discuss the purpose of your paper. The purpose statement of the paper should relate to assessing this vulnerable population in your community.
Note: the introduction does not carry a heading of "introduction," instead; the title of the paper is repeated and centered at the top of the second page in plain text.

Vulnerable Population Overview (one to two paragraphs):
Describe one aggregate or vulnerable group in your community in greater detail.
Include your observations about this group from the windshield survey.
Discuss events or trends that have affected this vulnerable group such as economic conditions, trends in health related behaviors or disease rates, etc.
Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers (two to three paragraphs):
Discuss the strengths, risk factors, and/or barriers that impact this vulnerable population’s health.
Include support from at least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article in this discussion. Go to the Chamberlain library at http:/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Search peer reviewed journals to find a scholarly article that discuss the strengths, risk factors, and/or barriers faced by this vulnerable group. Summarize what you learned from this article and cite the source in the text and reference page (Author, year). For this section, you must choose at least one scholarly article from a peer-reviewed journal. The article must be less than 10 years old (less than 5 years is best). You may include and cite your textbook or other scholarly sources as well, but they do not count as the scholarly journal article.
Please do not include more than two short quotations, at the most. You will need to summarize and analyze the information from the article in your own words.
Community Resources (one to two paragraphs):
Search your local public health department website, the internet, the local newspaper and/or telephone book for health resources available in your community for this vulnerable group.
Briefly describe the resources in your community that are available for this group.
Are these resources adequate? If so, why? If not, discuss gaps in services that you identified.
Community Health Problem Diagnosis (one to two paragraphs):
Based on your assessment and the Healthy People 2020 objectives, identify and discuss one priority community health problem that a community health nurse could positively impact. Examples include an increase in teen pregnancies, prevalence of cancer, high incidence of tobacco use, above average infant mortality etc. The problem must relate to the aggregate or vulnerable population you identified.

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