a new Metaphor

Write an APA-formatted manuscript of no more than 19 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and 11-point Times New Roman font. including front matter and references that presents a new organizational metaphor. Go beyond what Gareth Morgan presented and build a new metaphor. Please do a thorough search of the WWW to confirm that your metaphor has not been used before..

Note that this project is scored using the ‘Major Project Rubric (not QEP)’. Please click on the underlined ‘Major Project’ heading above and review the rubric so that you know how the project will be scored.

Plan on six hours of additional reading that leaves you with 14 hours to write the document. A 20 page double-spaced manuscript should have two pages of front matter (title and abstract) and one to two pages of references. This means you will have 16-17 pages of double-spaced text in the body. This is approximately 5000 words. Presuming you type at 35 words per minute with no errors then you need three hours to type. But, let’s presume you need seven hours to type (this would be 15 words per minute). This leaves you with seven hours to think and plan out how to approach the topic. If you believe that you cannot do this project in the time allotted please contact the course instructor and discuss the project.

Book used:
Gareth Morgan
Images of Organization
IBAN: 978-1-4129-3979-9

page 350 talks about the 8 metaphors in his book
They are,
1. The Domination Metaphor
2. The flux and transformation metaphor
3. The psychic prision metaphor
4. The political metaphor
5. The culture metaphor
6. The brain metaphor
7. The organism metaphor
8. The machine metaphor

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