A review of the play “The Book of Mormon”

write a review of the play “The Book of Mormon”.  You can use other reviews as a guide or have someone write it who has seen the play, I don’t care. But it needs to look like I went and saw the play and then wrote this review. I am unable to go see the play, so this is my only choice. Below are the instructions. Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, you are to write a review of the play “The Book of Mormon”. I live in Chicago and it is playing here now at the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago, IL. I am not sure if that helps you with your info or not, just wanted you to have everything you needed. Again, this paper needs to be like I went to the Bank of America theatre and watched “The Book of Mormon.” No sources, just a review. Here are the paper instructions…

The reviews should be 2-3 pages in length, typed and double-spaced. They should not be summaries of the plot, but rather should examine your personal responses to the production. You should share specific observations about the production using the ideas and the vocabulary from the course. Begin your review with a brief single paragraph introduction that introduces the piece and the elements that you intend to discuss. The body of your review should focus more specifically on each of those elements and should be about 1 ½ pages long. You should then end your review with a brief conclusion paragraph that sums up your response to the production. You should touch on all production elements (script, acting, direction, scenery, costumes, lights, sound etc.) but should focus primarily on the acting performances. What did you observe about the actors in the production? Which actors did you respond to best and why? How did these performances connect to your own work from an acting or personal perspective? Make sure to take a critical thinking approach – go beyond “I liked it” and examine WHY you liked it (or didn’t like it). What specific techniques did the actor use? What made this performance work or not work?

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