“Advertising, as we know it, could not exist without creativity.

“Advertising, as we know it, could not exist without creativity.”
Zinkhan, 1993, “From the Editor: Creativity in the Journal of Advertising.” Journal of Advertising, 22 (2) p1-3

This assignment will test and develop your research, analysis and writing skills.

You are required to read and research academic papers, articles from trade journals and other relevant publications such as advertising or marketing texts in order to formulate a balanced and well-developed discussion about the topic and the ads in question.

Get to the heart of the debate over creativity in advertising, and consider perspectives from both academics and practitioners. And always think how the theory may or may not apply in practice. If you have personal experience or can find industry anecdotes to support your discussion, so much the better.

Your paper must explore the issues in depth and go far beyond a superficial definition of terms.

after you research creativity and define it.. you can compare the Hyundai ad “” , which was given to us in the brief.

with different car ads from our choice,

1- Honda the Cog “”

the second ad you can chose but make sure its creative and car ad as well.

im gonna attach the assignment brief so u can fully understand the task.

If possible, you are also encouraged to include opinions and anecdotes from industry practitioners or your own industry experience.

Your final report should be no more than 1500 words in length and properly referenced in Harvard style. british

• 1500 word report, researched, written and referenced in appropriate academic style
• You may reference a maximum of 2 textbooks. No wikipedia references – although this can be a good starting point, always go to the original source
• You must reference at least 2 academic papers (in addition to the reading cited for your topic) as well as trade journals and newspapers

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