Architecture, Building and Planning

Marking Criteria: 4 marks will be allocated to the follow 5 criteria:

History and demographics of geographical Location.

Identifying the building styles and influences.

Addressing the link between New and Old and how the suburb has been
affect by Gentrification.

Understanding the aspect of Value and cost associated with building.

Ability to identify the material and construction methods of your home( Photos
must be included)

Residential Property Investigation

You are to produce a report that investigate your local residential area and
identify the housing styles and constructions that have influence your

The report should identify the common building styles that are prominent
within your suburb and how the changing face of community planning has
either influence gentrification or stifled the potential growth and rejuvenation
of the suburban area. Within this report you will identify the significance of
heritage and if historical periods have influenced the style of homes built over
the past 10 years.

You will need to explore and identify if its feasible to reconstruct specific
period or style of housing. And if this has been an influence in the direction
your community has taken over the past 10 years. In this report you will
explain how the suburbia has or is adjusting to gentrification and whether this
has had a direct influence on the value of properties and the demand of
property style in your community.

The Final stage of this investigation to consider your home and what it is
made of. You will be required to produce a sketch an inventory of
construction materials that constitute your home.

(suburb: sunshine west. Address: 26 Europa Bend, sunshine west, Vic 3020, Australia.)

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