The final exam will be a minimum 5-page reflective paper (you may write more) on your experience in this class.
Include the following parameters:
1. How has this class experience enhanced your ability to communicate visually? How are you more visually literate?
2. What has changed in terms of your perspective of how you see art, and the role of art in your life?
3. Did you encounter a “break-through moment” where you “saw” a perspective that previously was not in your experience? Describe the “experience of looking”.
4. How has this class informed your identity as a student/artist/world citizen?
5. Describe your experience in reading “The Laramie Project ” and your experience of seeing the FIG presentations as audience member and if applicable as FIG artist?  For the spectators what did you see and how did the presentations relate to your understanding of the reading?  How did the presentation expand your understanding of the themes expressed in the play?  For the FIG artists what were your challenges?
In your reflective essay, refer to the text or discussion board posts with at least 5 references to support your positions and perspectives.
Please Double Space and use 12 font.

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