Article Annotation

For each article, you must put together a brief annotation. Your annotation should include the following: title and authors of the articles; the type of research that was conducted (qualitative or quantitative; exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory); the research question(s) and hypotheses; the research method(s) employed; the sample size and any pertinent sample demographics; the results of the study; the conclusion the author(s) come to. Why do you think the researcher(s) chose the particular method to answer the study’s research question? What limitations of the study did you see (or were mentioned by the authors)? For each article, prepare 1-2 discussion questions.

SOC 210 – Research Methods


Article Annotation Template


Lastname, Firstname and Firstname Lastname. Year of publication. “Title of Article: An Annotation.” Title of Journal (volume)issue:pagenumber-pagenumber.



Research Question(s):







Type of Study: (Qualitative/quantitative/mixed; exploratory/explanatory/descriptive/evaluation)















Interpretation of Results:








Suggestions for Future Research:




Discussion Questions:


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