Assignment 1

1. Gerber explains there are three types of people who go into business: entrepreneurs, managers, and technicians. In the reading, we saw how Sarah, the owner of All About Pies, struggled so much with her business that she asked for help. Please answer the following questions:
o Which type of business owner did she think she was and how close to reality was her self-assessment?
o How did Sarah get herself into this predicament?
2. Which of the three business roles — technician, manager, entrepreneur — do you most closely identify with or do you believe best describes you?
o Specify why you made your choice.
o Cite specific reasons that support your self-assessment (if you have work experience in the role you select, please specify it) if not, that’s fine but justify your answer.

Page Formatting:
o Length: Do not exceed one page in total for the assignment
o Arial 12-point font, single spacing, 1-inch margins, header: ‘MGMT’ then your First Name, Last Name, Assignment 01.
o Please number your answers 1-2 but do not repeat the questions in your answer.

Please Answer the questions in 1 page max. I will upload the the book on a PDF. Answer from chapters 1 and 2.

For question 2 please choose the answer (Manager) because I often manage plans for my friends, and I like to lead and not to follow. try to expand on this idea.

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