Business and Management

Each student must research a company or organization in a career area of choice. At least 3 different sources must be used and each of them must be properly annotated in the bibliography. You will then complete a six to eight page research paper in addition to a title page, appendix (if needed) and bibliography. The paper should be double-spaced and typed using 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. It should be submitted to the instructor prior to the due date.

Choose a company, organization or government agency that you might want to work for. It should employ people in a career field you are interested in. For instance if you are a General Business major you might want to consider a company that looks for people with a general business background. If you are a Marketing major you might want to research an organization that specializes in marketing or has a large marketing department. An Accounting major might want to research an organization with a large accounting department or a CPA firm.
Use as wide a variety of research sources as you can find. Books, trade journals, magazines, internet sites, personal interviews, phone interviews; almost anything that gives you accurate information is acceptable. Do not, for instance use all internet sites for your information. A good mix might include several books, a magazine or newspaper article, a personal interview and a couple of internet sites.
You are looking for a company or agency to support your area of interest. To help evaluate this company take into account areas like: geographic location, work hours, salary, job security, promotion potential and see how they fit with your own values and career goals. Some of this information may be best displayed in charts in the appendix
Present this information in a 6 to 8 page paper and include the appropriate documentation.
You should include pictures, charts, graphs, brochures; whatever you need, in the appendix of your paper.
I want you to choose a topic that interests you and that you might find useful in the future. If you are already employed in a career field you like you might want to evaluate your job against your college major and career goals.

The research paper must include:

Title Page (1 page)
Narrative (6-8 pages)
Appendix (Tables, Charts, etc) if needed
Bibliography (1 or more pages) This project is a major portion of your grade and your effort needs to reflect that.

Your paper should be double spaced and typed using 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font.

Files must be in a Microsoft Word format (.doc or docx) or in a rich text font format (.rtf).  Rich text font format is an option in most word processing software.

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